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    Posted June 5, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    More than Cameras, Phones and personal stuff has been stolen in Gazan waters

    Henning Mankell (writer of the famous Wallander books) lost all his possessions during his detention in Israel. “They took my wallet with my money and credit cards, my mobile phone and my iPod. They even took my socks. Those Israeli soldiers are thieves.”

    It’s no coincidence that Israel’s  exclusion of Gazan fishing boats from their own waters began shortly after the discovery by the BG (British Gas) Group of what appear to be quite sizeable natural gas fields in Gaza’s territorial waters. Industry journals report that Israel is already appropriating these Gazan resources for its own use, part of its commitment to shift its economy to natural gas. The standard industry source reports:

    “Israel’s finance ministry has given the Israel Electric Corp. (IEC) approval to purchase larger quantities of natural gas from BG than originally agreed upon, according to Israeli government sources [which] said the state-owned utility would be able to negotiate for as much as 1.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the Marine field located off the Mediterranean coast of the Palestinian controlled Gaza Strip.

    “Last year the Israeli government approved the purchase of 800 million cubic meters of gas from the field by the IEC…. Recently the Israeli government changed its policy and decided the state-owned utility could buy the entire quantity of gas from the Gaza Marine field. Previously the government had said the IEC could buy half the total amount and the remainder would be bought by private power producers.”

    The pillage of what could become a major source of income for Gaza is surely known to U.S. authorities. It is only reasonable to suppose that the intention to appropriate these limited resources, either by Israel alone or together with the collaborationist Palestinian Authority, is the motive for preventing Gazan fishing boats from entering Gaza’s territorial waters.

    Meanwhile, all Mossad leave has been cancelled as they work overtime to pick through their haul of phones and other goodies.

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