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Newsletter 4

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N E W   P A L E S T I N E    N E W S L E T T E R

No.4 — 26 Jan 2011

*** Students occupy Palestinian HQ in London to demand fresh elections and a political process that reflects and engages all Palestinians: see our call for an international Palestinian electorate and democratic Assembly ***

In this Newsletter:

ONE STATE News and Opinion ++  Haidar Eid at Scottish PSC ++  Ongoing Nakba Conference Reports ++  The 30% shrinking of Gaza in 1950 ++  ”Land Swaps”: how it was done before  ++  An International Palestinian Electorate  ++  The Ramallah Police Statelet  ++  Wikileaks on Gaza, the US and the PA  ++  Coexistence Projects: Disobedient Israelis  ++ Negev Forum and El-Araqib update  ONE Liners  ++  This Israel: Fridays in Israel  ++  Rabbis call for death camps ++ Certificates for race discrimination ++ Solidarity and News:  Stone-throwing, punishment and night raids  ++  Diplomatic Own-Goals  ++  Israel’s High Court ++  Committee on Un-Israeli Activities  ++  Time Magazine finds some oppositionists  ++  Tutu: Spreading Truth in a pond of crocodiles ++ BDS round-up (more…)

The Palestine Papers

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Students occupy Palestinian HQ in London to demand fresh elections and a political process thet reflects and engages all Palestinians: see our call below for an international Palestinian electorate and democratic Assembly

The Palestine Papers have driven a stake through the heart of the Undead Peace Process.

But where do we go from there?

“The release into the public domain of these documents is such a landmark because it destroys the final traces of credibility of the peace process.” Karma Nabulsi

The Palestine Papers will shake a lot of things loose. How they re-assemble is now the crucial question. One Democracy looks at some of the immediate effects of the Palestine Papers and proposes a 5-Step Plan to reconstitute a Palestinian leadership and decide on its direction. (more…)

EU Consuls say: boycott Israel in E.Jerusalem

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EU’s consuls propose boycott

It was more valuable by far than the symbolic recognitions of a notional Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem: it was a set of proposals by the EU’s missions (more…)

Tunisia: start of a better future

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1. Sparks illumine “the day after”

Mazin Qumsiyeh, author of Popular Resistance in Palestine, writes in his newsletter

As people around the world evolved beyond dictatorship and racism, we in the Arab world will too … (more…)

End the exile and you end the conflict

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“Return the refugees and you end the conflict”

“The essential problem that has not been solved is the dispossession of the Palestinian people. And you put it right by returning them to the land they came from. That is how you end the conflict. … What we are talking about is one state. The only and the ultimate aim has to be to return Palestine to what it was. Palestine was one state and we want that to happen again, and we are against dividing up our homeland and our country” (more…)

Defend Tutu from these vindictive Zionists

Posted 10:56 pm January 12, 2011 In: News

Defend Tutu from these vindictive Zionists

An international petition has been set up to support Desmond Tutu against an onslaught by the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa and the  South African Zionist Federation. Just as they ganged up on eminent South African judge Richard Goldstone when he found Israel guilty of war crimes in Gaza (an attack so vindictive (more…)

Newsletter 3

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N E W   P A L E S T I N E    N E W S L E T T E R

No.3 — 7 Jan 2011

ONE STATE News and Opinion

♦♦ Human Rights Watch report

In a 166-page report “Separate and Unequal” the international organisation Human Rights Watch analyses Israel’s two-tier system of governance in the West Bank (more…)

Closing in on Israel but reviving the Undead

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Recognition of Palestine: closing in on Israel but reviving the Undead Two State con-trick

Four South American countries have now added their voices to recognise a notional Palestinian state. Five others are tipped to follow, including Chile which has the largest Palestinian population outside the Arab world. What is this about, and how does it impact on the fight for a single state? (more…)

Richard Falk in London

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Richard Falk in London: Palestine now has the high moral ground

Speaking in London a month after reporting on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories to the UN General Assembly:

The Palestinian issue, Dr. Falk told his audience, has risen to the status of the pre-eminent moral struggle of our time. And for the first time, the Palestinians have the high moral ground and are now seen around the world as the victims. (more…)

KPFT Radio and the Jewish Question

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How KPFT Radio got ambushed by the Israel lobby

A reporter on the KPFT Radio for Peace, a liberal beacon in US media, was sacked for saying that “the Jews” have too much media influence. Rattled by accusations of anti-semitism, KPFT went on to arrange for Israel’s local diplomatic mission to have a regular slot to promote itself as “The Voice of Peace”. (more…)

Shouldn’t it be for the Palestinians to decide?

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Q: Shouldn’t this be for the Palestinians to decide? (more…)

Another feeble argument against One State…

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Is there one single decent argument against the one single state?

By Alex Pushkin

I was in the middle of reading Menachem Klein’s new book The Shift when I happened to see a TV programme in which a historian took us on a conducted tour of a Victorian workhouse. Her description of the notoriously grim regime of separation (more…)