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Poor little Israel, now they’re coming in the window

Posted 7:40 pm June 29, 2011 In: News

Poor little Israel, now they’re coming in the window!

Our friend is off to Tel Aviv. He writes:

For years I’ve felt  ashamed at the way my Palestinian friends, and their Western wellwishers, have been humiliated, intimidated and dehumanised when trying to (more…)

300 Israel academics in civil disobedience call

Posted 2:46 pm June 23, 2011 In: News

300 Israel academics in civil disobedience call

A growing swell of hope and defiance

“Any act of rebellion, any physical defiance … anything that seeks to draw the good to the good, nourishes our souls and holds out the possibility that we can touch and transform the souls of others. Hope affirms that which we must affirm, and any act that imparts hope is a victory in itself.”  Chris Hedges

What started with one brave woman is now on its way to being a movement. The one woman was Ilana Hammerman, Israeli writer who decided to defy Israel’s control on Palestinians’ freedom of movement.

The Occupation allows half a million citizens of Israel, who can vote in national elections and have full infrastructure, material subsidies, services and clear, open roads, to live (more…)

EU move threat to Palestine historic rights

Posted 11:33 pm June 14, 2011 In: News

 Picket in support of  US dockworkers refusing to unload Israeli goods


EU’s plan threatens Palestine’s legal rights

Germany, France and Britain working to make Obama speech into official UN policy

Both sides are putting in place their preparations for the big Palestine recognition vote in September at the UN General Assembly. 

Israel has cancelled diplomatic leave for the month, clearly set its goals and arguments, and told its police to prepare for mass arrests in September. (more…)

Paris Peace Conference v. UN Vote

Posted 10:22 pm June 6, 2011 In: News

Paris Peace Conference v. UN Vote: why PA leaders must see through what they have started

A Quartet-backed move to head off the UN Palestine vote has now come from France, which has proposed yet another Peace Conference.

This might have been a fitting initiative if Netanyahu had just gone to Washington and indicated flexibility, or willingness (more…)

One-Staters and BNC support UN recognition campaign

Posted 10:14 pm June 4, 2011 In: News

One Staters and BNC say “pull out the stops for UN vote”

The clock is ticking towards September, when the PA leaders will mark 20 years of fruitless “two state peace process” by going to the UN and demanding that a Palestine state is recognised NOW, with the borders as they stood before Israel’s June 1967 invasion. That so many countries have promised their support is a sign that they, too, think that enough is enough.

Our initial reaction, along with many others prominent in the One State movement, (more…)

One Democracy One Year On

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Our First Year: And what a Year!

It’s just a year since this site, advocating for One Country in Palestine and against the Two State cul-de-sac, was first posted. What a year it’s been! (more…)