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Newsletter No.9

N E W    P A L E S T I N E   
N E W S L E T T E R  No.9

2014: A Watershed Year

When we look back at 2014, the year that another “last chance” Two State effort bit the dust, that Gaza was pulverised and that fascist gangs rampaged in Israel, will we recognise any signs that re-directed history, diverting it into a different orbit? (See Newsblog for analysis of how to make the most of the new Knesset elections opportunity.) (more…)

One State issues of race, rights and democracy that led to Israel’s shock elections

One State issues of race, rights and democracy that led to Israel’s shock elections

“This bill is legal preparation for the right wing’s one-state solution, the annexation of the territories and the establishment of the Jewish apartheid state. The bill is the constitutional foundation, and its acceptance is the laying of the cornerstone of the bi-national segregation state that the right wing is setting up quietly and methodically, unseen and unhindered” — Gideon Levy

Israel’s PM Bibi Netanyahu has broken up his ruling coalition after just two years, and forced a new election. The exciting news is that it might backfire and see his defeat. But what led up to this? (more…)

Israel’s Apartheid Laws

Israel’s Apartheid Laws

A Palestinian BDS National Committee statement on the occasion of the UN Human Rights Day

Occupied Palestine, 10 December 2014 — Since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and United Nations Resolution 194 on December 10 and 11 of 1948, the UN has affirmed the human rights of the Palestinian people, including the right of the refugees to return to their homes and properties and the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people, on numerous occasions. Yet the UN has failed to address the serious and persistent Israeli violations of international law that prevent the exercise of these rights by Palestinians or to hold Israel to account for these infringements. (more…)