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I am an Arab, Palestinian and citizen of Israel

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I am an Arab, Palestinian and citizen of Israel— I have the right to define my own identity

Film maker Suha Arraf replies to critics who demanded her film be identified as “Israeli”. As Palestinian-made films earn awards and international acclaim, it’s not the first time that Israel has muscled in to try and take the plaudits

 Over the past few weeks, I have been under attack by the public and the media. I suffered this defamatory attack for defining my film Villa Touma as a Palestinian film even though most of the funding came from public foundations of the State of Israel. When the attack was at its height, I refused to (more…)

Two Letters from Israel

Two Letters from Israel

First, a bleak personal and — for One State optimists — deeply worrying account of the “hegemony of the racists”, saying that “The work of …  fraternisation, co-existence, solidarity, mutual respect, equality between Israeli-Jew and Israeli-Palestinian  —  has gone, vanished under the bitterness of polarisation.” Second, a brave statement from Zochrot, which just 3 months ago was involved in a mass “March back to Lubya”. (more…)

Has Gaza beaten Goliath?

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Has Gaza beaten Goliath?

Israel entered the war on Gaza aiming to destroy Hamas politically and militarily. Instead, on the latest leak from the ceasefire talks, Hamas has won a substantial easing of the siege, with an airport and seaport on a possible longer-term agenda, and has gained greatly in prestige within the Palestinian liberation movement. Israel has lost an equal amount of prestige and support from the international community, expanded the Palestine solidarity movement, and faces a massive acceleration of the BDS campaign and indictments for war crimes.  The balance of forces has shifted, and this might even deter them from doing it again. How did this come about? (more…)

Draft ceasfire agreement, 12 August 2014

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Gaza ceasefire talks: Easing of blockade,
but no demilitarization

Details of agreement obtained by Ynet show Hamas to receive overdue salary payments, construction materials will enter under close supervision. (more…)