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Civil Rights demands or liberation programme?

Posted 12:03 am February 29, 2012 In: News

Civil Rights demands vs. Liberation Programme? Or is it all the same thing?

Some leading writers explore next steps on the road from the “Peace Process”

The ending of negotiations for two separate states has not, as many hoped, cleared a path for the only just alternative: either for such an (more…)

The One State Proposal

Posted 5:21 pm February 2, 2012 In: Documents

The One State Proposal

This post was written in November 2011 for a conference in Jerusalem called “The Best Plans” which set out to test various Peace Plans for their usability and likelihood of acceptance by the two populations. It follows a format set for all submissions. While we really don’t think that lack of a clever plan is what is holding things up, it seemed worth putting in an appearance as against bi-nationalism, cantons (and worse), as otherwise the One State would not be represented at all. (more…)