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    Posted July 7, 2010 at 10:31 am

    How far can it run?

    Ma’an News Agency reports that engineering Students from the Palestine Polytechnic University at Hebron have built a solar-powered car as a graduation project, with batteries charged by PV cells or direct from mains. It can run at 30 Km per hour for up to 100 minutes, if it can go that far without hitting a checkpoint or roadblock.

    Maybe Safe Passage can help. Gisha, the NGO which specialises in freedom of movement issues, has produced this interactive video game, in which a student, a family man and an ice-cream trader try to cross from Gaza to the West Bank. You pick a character and see if you can help them to get to their destination. Play, meet the real people and share with friends. When first launched the site was jammed as 30,000 people tried to access it. You Tube has a trailer.

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