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Christmas Trees banned at Nazareth

Posted 11:10 pm December 25, 2010 In: News

Christmas trees banned in Nazareth

In another propaganda coup for the Jewish democracy, the mayor of the predominantly Jewish new town of Nazareth Illit (Upper Nazareth) has banned Christmas trees from the town square. Mayor Shimon Gapso announced. “Nazareth Illit is a Jewish town, not a mixed town, and it will not (more…)

Newsletter 2

Posted 11:20 pm December 14, 2010 In: Newsletter

O N E    D E M O C R A C Y    N E W S L E T T E R

No. 2 — 15 Dec 2010

ONE STATE News and Opinion 

 ** The Carmel Fire

Could Israel cash in on the Carmel fire to patch up relations with Turkey, which sent help despite being owed an apology for the Mavi Marmara? The Prime Minister’s office want to fix wording to normalise relations (such as Turkey saying it accepts that Israel didn’t kill its citizens with malicious intent), (more…)

Newsletter 1

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O N E    D E M O C R A C Y   N E W S L E T T E R

26 November 2010

ONE STATE News, Writing and Opinion

**  A Major CONFERENCE Nov 26-28 organised by the Stuttgart Palestine Solidarity Committee, Germany, titled OBSTACLES AND PERSPECTIVES FOR A JUST SOLUTION. (more…)

Two-State Process still Undead

Posted 11:27 pm December 10, 2010 In: News

Talks expire but Two-State Process is still Undead

It’s official. The talks are dead. They died NOT because of the direct talks format, but because there isn’t the will in Israel for an end-of-conflict agreement based on two states, in any shape or form. (more…)

2011: a game-changing year

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2011: A game-changing year

The coming year will see the transition from the Two State template. Somehow the last-ditch moves for a deal are hardly getting noticed, and in Israel the end of the talks was scarcely reported. (more…)

Voting for a New Jerusalem

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Let’s Vote for a New Jerusalem

The Palestinians of Jerusalem have lost many rights. Thousands have lost the right to live there, and hundreds are losing their homes to ultra-Zionist squatters and master plans aimed at racial division of the city. But one surprising right remains: (more…)

Fayyad plans economy of dependence for his state

Posted 11:35 pm December 9, 2010 In: News

Fayyad plans for economic prison zones

There are those who argue, probably with the best intentions, that Palestinians need their own economy: in a single state, the argument goes, (more…)

BBC: ’skinhead racists not a problem’

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BBC: ’skinhead racists not a problem’

BBC World Service recently ran a major feature on the rise of anti-semitism, but somehow it all seemed to be about Israel.

Writer Howard Jacobson complained that the word “massacre” had been misused against Israel over Operation Cast Lead, rather than “fight”: one might query this as a misuse, considering that Israel lost seven dead while (more…)

Hamas makes a move

Posted 11:17 pm December 1, 2010 In: News

Hamas leader lines up with PA’s position

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh just called a rare press conference to announce that if a deal made with Israel by the Fatah-led PA was approved in a Palestine referendum, Hamas would accept the result. (more…)