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J14 challenges Zionism with Manifesto for a New Israel

Posted 11:22 am December 23, 2011 In: News, Uncategorized

J14’s Manifesto for a New Israel: a dramatic new turn against apartheid

 Last summer’s tented protests in Israel, called (like another famous revolution) after the 14th July date on which they sprang into life, have grown up in just five months and have now thrown down a challenge to the basic credo of their country. Their statement does not just demand a state for all its inhabitants, it proclaims that they will create one. (more…)

Manifesto of the New State of Israel

Posted 7:53 pm December 22, 2011 In: Documents

J14 declares “New State of Israel”

On 12 December, in an audacious intervention, a large group of social justice activists presented this manifesto to the top echelons of Israel’s Zionist establishment. Their delivery was so stylish and dramatic that it drew applause and sheepish grins from the likes of Ehud Barak; the governor of the Bank of Israel drew out his mobile phone and filmed the historic occasion. It was indeed historic, not so much in pulling off a breathtaking flashmob event, as for the content (more…)

Israel knocked by its nearest allies

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Israel knocked by its nearest allies

* France stands up for Palestinians’ right to demonstrate and declares Bassem Tamimi “a human rights defender”.
* Hillary Clinton is “worried” about women and democracy in Israel.
* US arch-zionist Abe Foxman warns of “Israel’s judicial, press and speech freedoms” being undermined by its governing coalition.
* Israel’s TV ads aimed at its expats in America pulled in panic.
* US Ambassador to Belgium dares to say hatred of Israel is caused by its actions, not by anti-semitism;
* Leading American Zionist Peter Beinart says that until there’s a separate Palestinian state, Palestinians (more…)