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    Posted June 20, 2010 at 12:25 am

    The Mystery Posters in Ramallah

    A series of posters have been popping up around Ramallah, stronghold of the Palestinian Authority, apparently saying that the two state solution is impossible and One  State is inevitable. Images of them have been sent to the websites Electronic Intifada and Mondoweiss, but no-one’s sure who is putting them up. In the manner of the Israeli think tank Reut, which assumes no-one can really want a single state so it must be a trick, there is speculation that it might be a tactic to force Israel’s hand.

    This indeed is the sort of talk that the PA leadership comes out with, but more so in English language interviews and journals directed at Tel Aviv and Washington, and it’s done precisely to try to hurry things along and bluff Israel so they can be dignified with the title of a State. But putting rough and ready posters up around the streets is not at all their style. We have heard that it is from a One State group within Fatah.

    Rather than a bluff, a challenge could be effective in smoking Israel out. It’s never put any best offer on the table. Maybe someone should put a stop to their games with a deadline for Israel to state its offer, out in the open. And if in the time no offer is delivered that meets the needs of the Palestinian people, the mass resistance movement would instead demand civil rights and the vote.

    The effects of this change could transform the whole balance of forces in ways that can only be guessed at, and bring a swift end to business as usual.

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