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After Israel’s elections, reasons to cheer

After Israel’s elections, reasons to cheer

The return to power of the same regime with a stronger mandate should have set the status quo in stone. Instead, the election has created important shifts in the status quo. One of these shifts is, indeed,  Barack Obama’s statement that “we can’t just in perpetuity maintain the status quo”. So what’s new? (more…)

Newsletter No.9

N E W    P A L E S T I N E   
N E W S L E T T E R  No.9

2014: A Watershed Year

When we look back at 2014, the year that another “last chance” Two State effort bit the dust, that Gaza was pulverised and that fascist gangs rampaged in Israel, will we recognise any signs that re-directed history, diverting it into a different orbit? (See Newsblog for analysis of how to make the most of the new Knesset elections opportunity.) (more…)

New Palestine Newsletter No.6

N E W    P A L E S T I N E    N E W S L E T T E R

No. 6: Special Issue on the battle against the “Prawer Plan” Bedouin round-up, outcomes of Nov 30 Day of Rage, and including downloadable print-ready PDF of 4-page leaflet (see Urgent Action below)

Prawer: an own goal for Israel or prelude to a showdown?

If the Israeli state wanted to provoke, politicise and mobilise a new generation of its Palestinian citizens, it could not have come up with a better idea than the Prawer Plan. Suddenly Israel’s heartland is alive with angry protests from one end of the country to another and in Ramallah and Gaza too, with the echoes of 1948 ringing out anew as a rallying call. (more…)

Israel’s conditions of existence: time for review?

Prawer Bill prompts calls to re-visit human rights clauses of UNGA Resolution 181:

Is Israel in breach of legal conditions?
Is it time to call for a Review?

Washington now says that the West Bank settlements are “illegitimate”. No doubt they figure this is a softer term than “illegal”. But for Israel, legality and legitimacy are closely tied together. And that is because it came into being in 1948 as a consequence of a UN resolution. Membership of the UN followed within months, in January 1949, when Israel’s top diplomats argued that  the UN would lose its authority if it helped to create a country but then refused to give it membership. (more…)