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Posted August 12, 2014 at 3:47 pm

Two Letters from Israel

First, a bleak personal and — for One State optimists — deeply worrying account of the “hegemony of the racists”, saying that “The work of …  fraternisation, co-existence, solidarity, mutual respect, equality between Israeli-Jew and Israeli-Palestinian  —  has gone, vanished under the bitterness of polarisation.” Second, a brave statement from Zochrot, which just 3 months ago was involved in a mass “March back to Lubya”.

1. Letter from Tel Aviv

We are in a country where GANGS OF FASCISTS (in uniforms) go around to check in factories and stores in Jerusalem and demand employers not to employ Palestinians (who live in Jerusalem.).

We are in a country where people you thought, until a few weeks ago, were sane, are now against left demonstrations while the fighting is going on. Remember the first Lebanon war 1981 when, in the middle of the war, there was a demo of 400,000 against the massacre in Sabra and Shatila? That ‘old Israel’ does not exist anymore. There is no “Peace now” on the streets now! 

We are In Israel where the Jewish Defense League and its offshoots (football hooligans) controls the streets. You do not know anymore what you can say to whom, not even in your family!!!

We are in Israel where Social networks spew venom: Killing of one Jew is worth killing of 1000 Palestinians. Israeli TV is sterile, Israelis do not see what you see happens in Gaza, unless you turn to Al-Jazeera or other foreign Channels.

Had it not been the summer vacation we would have had running knife battles at the universities where there is a significant minority of Arab students. We still do not know how it will be possible to open the universities in October. Arab citizens of Israel are totally alienated and are afraid to talk Arabic in public. The work of the ‘liberal left’ progressives — fraternisation, co-existence, solidarity, mutual respect, equality between Israeli-Jews and Israeli-Palestinians —  has gone, vanished under the bitterness of polarisation.

In Bar-Ilan (a religious university) a professor of Middle East Studies, Mordecai Keidar, has explained on a radio program that according to Arab values the most effective way to deter Palestinians from terrorism is to rape their mothers and sisters! When challenged he claimed that he is a feminist and denied that he suggested rape as policy  —  he spoke, he said “only as an expert of Arab cultural norms”! He said it on the national radio! Another lecturer …  was reprimanded by students and the University for  … expressing sorrow for Palestinian casualties.
We are in Israel where universities spy on the mail of their students and staff members.

Yes, this is the Israel we are in. Anyone who supports it should know what they support. When this battle will end the long knives will come out. Please no ‘my Israel right or wrong’, Israel is a different country. It has been taken over by vengeance, hate, racism, intolerance. Values that have always been there but did not dominate are now hegemonic!

2. Statement from Zochrot

As the last attack on Gaza initiated, Zochrot has stated that the violent reality is a direct outcome of the colonial regime which established itself on ongoing destruction, dispossession, expulsion and occupation, while turning 70% of the Palestinian population into refugees.

The attack took a heavy toll from many, especially the Palestinian Refugees in Gaza. Over 1,900 people were killed, about 25% of them were children, and thousands were injured.

Since its beginning, Zochrot has called for an immediate end to the attack on Gaza, removal of the blockade and for realization of the right of return of the Palestinian refugees. As the fire has ceased, Zochrot once again emphasizes that back and forth ad -hoc ceasefire solutions will not be enough. Only a fundamental change in society and the regime, which will be based on taking responsibility in the ongoing crimes of the Nakba, and the implementation of the right of return of the Palestinian Refugees, will bring about the ending of the violence.


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