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Now Join Up the Struggles

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Now Join Up the Struggles

Every single event of the past year points to the moral bankruptcy of Israel’s rule, the urgency of ending an intolerable status quo, and the need for a new vision that will serve the needs of all the people and offer the hope of freedom and justice.

This is, in general terms, the common thread that links the headline struggles and events of the past year: from Tunisia to Moscow, from New York to Tel Aviv, from Athens to Bahrain, from Cairo to Damascus, we’ve witnessed the mobilisation of millions of people who have had their fill of corruption, abuse of power, outrageous and violent injustice and constant assaults on their dignity and human rights. (more…)

J14 challenges Zionism with Manifesto for a New Israel

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J14’s Manifesto for a New Israel: a dramatic new turn against apartheid

 Last summer’s tented protests in Israel, called (like another famous revolution) after the 14th July date on which they sprang into life, have grown up in just five months and have now thrown down a challenge to the basic credo of their country. Their statement does not just demand a state for all its inhabitants, it proclaims that they will create one. (more…)

Israel’s protests Part 1, a tragic wasted chance

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Israel’s protests Part 1: a tragic wasted chance

Israel’s social protest movement continues, generating a huge amount of energy and creativity, but not nearly as much clarity or ambition.

By limiting their “revolution” to economic demands and a vaguely articulated welfare state, the organisers based on Rothschild in Tel Aviv were able to appeal to some 90% of Israeli society, which include a large number who voted for Natanyahu, Barak and Lieberman: “Bibi go home” is (more…)

Newsletter 3

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N E W   P A L E S T I N E    N E W S L E T T E R

No.3 — 7 Jan 2011

ONE STATE News and Opinion

♦♦ Human Rights Watch report

In a 166-page report “Separate and Unequal” the international organisation Human Rights Watch analyses Israel’s two-tier system of governance in the West Bank (more…)