One Democratic Secular State for all its citizens in Israel and Palestine


As Israel and the US squabble and talks grind to a halt, PLO can come out fighting for its people

As Israel and the US squabble and talks grind to a halt, PLO could come out fighting for its people

One Democratic State for Israel and Palestine can be built from the ground up with myriad local and grass-roots initiatives. By contrast, negotiating a two state solution and repartition of Palestine can only be done by top-level diplomacy, a matter of pressures and threats, bribes and inducements, balance of forces and realpolitik. When that diplomacy breaks down it cannot be long before the attempt is finally abandoned. (more…)

Two States or One? It’s the defining question


Two States or One?
It really IS the defining question










On November 2nd, more than a hundred activists from all over historic Palestine, from Haifa, Jaffa and the Galilee, Ramallah, Jerusalem, and other cities and villages, gathered in the hall of the “Retno” hotel in Ramallah for a Study and discussion day to develop the recently established united movement for One Democratic State.
      Greetings came from the UK and from the Green Party of the USA. Discussion focused on how to convert ODS “from a dream and a lofty goal into reality on the ground”, noting that, among the immediate benefits of the ODS goal, it “helps us to unify anew the Palestinian people’s struggle in all geographies”, supplementing the resistance struggles by connecting them into one comprehensive strategy.
     The day itself, bringing together activists from both sides of the Green Line to share their perspectives and engage in serious talk about goals, was an exemplary occasion. You can read here the Press Release reporting the meeting, as well as a report of the first exploratory get-together in July 2013, and the Munich Declaration that was adopted then; and excerpts relating to One Democratic State from an interview in Mondoweiss  with Awad Abdel Fattah, leader of the National Democratic Alliance.

This post is One Democracy’s contribution to the new ODS movement’s discussions (more…)

Freedom and Democracy in One Country

The only option left: Freedom and Democracy in One Country


In the current “last chance” talks, the Palestine Authority is reported to have already given away Right of Return, while Israel has already pre-empted discussion of its borders: Netanyahu told his cabinet on 3 Nov that another barrier is on order for the border “of the State of Israel”  along the Jordan River, completely encircling the West Bank.

Israel went into this game holding all the cards, because it has designed and already carried out the “two state” carve-up that it wants: the most land and the fewest Palestinian people, who have been walled in or driven out by cutting off their water and power, poisoning their crops, destroying their homes and workplaces, turning their space into firing ranges and setting up roadblocks to stop them making a living, getting an education, keeping their families together, or reaching a clinic or hospital. (more…)