One Democratic Secular State for all its citizens in Israel and Palestine


After Israel’s elections, reasons to cheer

After Israel’s elections, reasons to cheer

The return to power of the same regime with a stronger mandate should have set the status quo in stone. Instead, the election has created important shifts in the status quo. One of these shifts is, indeed,  Barack Obama’s statement that “we can’t just in perpetuity maintain the status quo”. So what’s new? (more…)

Oslo Accords after 20 Years

Twenty years since Oslo Accords

Stillbirth of a State,
Birth of a Nation

Switching the goal from that of a small   but independent, free and sovereign — Palestine to the alternative aim of sharing the whole of the pre-Nakba country can require a big mental leap in the dark. One Democracy suggests a somewhat less painful route.

The Oslo Accords created the expectation of a Palestinian state. The PLO, its (more…)