One Democratic Secular State for all its citizens in Israel and Palestine


Freedom and Democracy in One Country

The only option left: Freedom and Democracy in One Country


In the current “last chance” talks, the Palestine Authority is reported to have already given away Right of Return, while Israel has already pre-empted discussion of its borders: Netanyahu told his cabinet on 3 Nov that another barrier is on order for the border “of the State of Israel”  along the Jordan River, completely encircling the West Bank.

Israel went into this game holding all the cards, because it has designed and already carried out the “two state” carve-up that it wants: the most land and the fewest Palestinian people, who have been walled in or driven out by cutting off their water and power, poisoning their crops, destroying their homes and workplaces, turning their space into firing ranges and setting up roadblocks to stop them making a living, getting an education, keeping their families together, or reaching a clinic or hospital. (more…)

Oslo Accords after 20 Years

Twenty years since Oslo Accords

Stillbirth of a State,
Birth of a Nation

Switching the goal from that of a small   but independent, free and sovereign — Palestine to the alternative aim of sharing the whole of the pre-Nakba country can require a big mental leap in the dark. One Democracy suggests a somewhat less painful route.

The Oslo Accords created the expectation of a Palestinian state. The PLO, its (more…)