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Thousands return to village destroyed in Nakba


Thousands return to village destroyed in Nakba

On 6 May this year, Hebrew Israelis celebrated their Day of Independence (or, as many argue, the day in 1948 that British colonial rule was replaced by Israeli apartheid rule).

On the same day up to 25,000 of their Palestinian co-citizens took action to remember what this day of “independence” had cost their people: their homeland and way of life: the “Nakba” or catastrophe that befell them. (more…)

New Palestine Newsletter No.6

N E W    P A L E S T I N E    N E W S L E T T E R

No. 6: Special Issue on the battle against the “Prawer Plan” Bedouin round-up, outcomes of Nov 30 Day of Rage, and including downloadable print-ready PDF of 4-page leaflet (see Urgent Action below)

Prawer: an own goal for Israel or prelude to a showdown?

If the Israeli state wanted to provoke, politicise and mobilise a new generation of its Palestinian citizens, it could not have come up with a better idea than the Prawer Plan. Suddenly Israel’s heartland is alive with angry protests from one end of the country to another and in Ramallah and Gaza too, with the echoes of 1948 ringing out anew as a rallying call. (more…)

Oslo Accords after 20 Years

Twenty years since Oslo Accords

Stillbirth of a State,
Birth of a Nation

Switching the goal from that of a small   but independent, free and sovereign — Palestine to the alternative aim of sharing the whole of the pre-Nakba country can require a big mental leap in the dark. One Democracy suggests a somewhat less painful route.

The Oslo Accords created the expectation of a Palestinian state. The PLO, its (more…)