One Democratic Secular State for all its citizens in Israel and Palestine


Open Letter to Abbas: No Surrender!

Open Letter to Mahmoud Abbas:

No Surrender!

This letter, signed by 108 eminent Palestinians, was delivered by hand to Mahmoud Abbas on 10 April 2014

Mr Mahmoud Abbas
President of the Palestinian National Authority

5th of April, 2014

Dear President Abbas,

In view of the intense pressure being brought to bear on the Palestinian National Authority by Israel and the U.S. Administration to negotiate a final agreement which will claim to settle all past and present rights and demands of the Palestinian people, (more…)

As Israel and the US squabble and talks grind to a halt, PLO can come out fighting for its people

As Israel and the US squabble and talks grind to a halt, PLO could come out fighting for its people

One Democratic State for Israel and Palestine can be built from the ground up with myriad local and grass-roots initiatives. By contrast, negotiating a two state solution and repartition of Palestine can only be done by top-level diplomacy, a matter of pressures and threats, bribes and inducements, balance of forces and realpolitik. When that diplomacy breaks down it cannot be long before the attempt is finally abandoned. (more…)

Freedom and Democracy in One Country

The only option left: Freedom and Democracy in One Country


In the current “last chance” talks, the Palestine Authority is reported to have already given away Right of Return, while Israel has already pre-empted discussion of its borders: Netanyahu told his cabinet on 3 Nov that another barrier is on order for the border “of the State of Israel”  along the Jordan River, completely encircling the West Bank.

Israel went into this game holding all the cards, because it has designed and already carried out the “two state” carve-up that it wants: the most land and the fewest Palestinian people, who have been walled in or driven out by cutting off their water and power, poisoning their crops, destroying their homes and workplaces, turning their space into firing ranges and setting up roadblocks to stop them making a living, getting an education, keeping their families together, or reaching a clinic or hospital. (more…)

Oslo Accords after 20 Years

Twenty years since Oslo Accords

Stillbirth of a State,
Birth of a Nation

Switching the goal from that of a small   but independent, free and sovereign — Palestine to the alternative aim of sharing the whole of the pre-Nakba country can require a big mental leap in the dark. One Democracy suggests a somewhat less painful route.

The Oslo Accords created the expectation of a Palestinian state. The PLO, its (more…)

What happens about the Settlements?

Q: What happens about the Settlements?

For the territorial, two state solution, settlements are THE obstacle: (more…)

Peace Talk 1: EU adopts sanctions – wrong time to retreat

Posted 7:14 pm July 28, 2013 In: News

Peace Talk 1

As EU adopts financial sanctions, it’s time to press on with the struggle

All evidence points to the fact that the new round of “final status” talks is a serious threat to Palestinians, and not another empty PR game. Ironically, the initiative was probably brought to a head by a huge breakthrough for the Palestinians’ international movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. (more…)

Palestinians launch One State movement

A giant step towards

One State movement

with unity across

the Green Line

UPDATE: on July 14, two dozen activists from Haifa in Israel went to Ramallah to meet their newly formed counterparts in the West Bank (pictured above). They all agreed to adopt the Munich Declaration of One Democratic State as a uniting platform. In contrast to the official “peace negotiations”, they say that they met “not as two sides but as partners in the same struggle for a common future”. 

Below, read the story so far:


In mid-May,  a brief press statement revealed that a group of 20 senior Fatah and PLO officials had met in Ramallah and declared for a single democratic state in all of Palestine. Now, just six weeks later, their numbers have tripled and they are launching The Popular Movement, an active mass organisation with cells in every town, saying that they believe over 90% of Palestinians will come to agree with them. (more…)