One Democratic Secular State for all its citizens in Israel and Palestine


Two States or One? It’s the defining question


Two States or One?
It really IS the defining question










On November 2nd, more than a hundred activists from all over historic Palestine, from Haifa, Jaffa and the Galilee, Ramallah, Jerusalem, and other cities and villages, gathered in the hall of the “Retno” hotel in Ramallah for a Study and discussion day to develop the recently established united movement for One Democratic State.
      Greetings came from the UK and from the Green Party of the USA. Discussion focused on how to convert ODS “from a dream and a lofty goal into reality on the ground”, noting that, among the immediate benefits of the ODS goal, it “helps us to unify anew the Palestinian people’s struggle in all geographies”, supplementing the resistance struggles by connecting them into one comprehensive strategy.
     The day itself, bringing together activists from both sides of the Green Line to share their perspectives and engage in serious talk about goals, was an exemplary occasion. You can read here the Press Release reporting the meeting, as well as a report of the first exploratory get-together in July 2013, and the Munich Declaration that was adopted then; and excerpts relating to One Democratic State from an interview in Mondoweiss  with Awad Abdel Fattah, leader of the National Democratic Alliance.

This post is One Democracy’s contribution to the new ODS movement’s discussions (more…)

Palestinians launch One State movement

A giant step towards

One State movement

with unity across

the Green Line

UPDATE: on July 14, two dozen activists from Haifa in Israel went to Ramallah to meet their newly formed counterparts in the West Bank (pictured above). They all agreed to adopt the Munich Declaration of One Democratic State as a uniting platform. In contrast to the official “peace negotiations”, they say that they met “not as two sides but as partners in the same struggle for a common future”. 

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In mid-May,  a brief press statement revealed that a group of 20 senior Fatah and PLO officials had met in Ramallah and declared for a single democratic state in all of Palestine. Now, just six weeks later, their numbers have tripled and they are launching The Popular Movement, an active mass organisation with cells in every town, saying that they believe over 90% of Palestinians will come to agree with them. (more…)