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Palestinian refugee and exile communities in more than 25 countries demand their rights and discuss their needs and priorities in landmark report

November 2006

The Civitas: Foundations for Participation project, based at Nuffield College at the University of Oxford, announces the forthcoming launch of its report Palestinians Register: Laying Foundations and Setting Directions. This landmark report is being launched with ten days of events held throughout the Middle East, Europe, and North America, from November 19th to the 29th , 2006. The report can be downloaded from the website at

The Civitas collective research project was initiated to record, through participatory grassroots meetings, the voices and recommendations of Palestinian refugee communities living in exile in the Middle East, Europe and further afield on the measures required to strengthen and rebuild civic structures and mechanisms to enable better communication with their national representative the PLO and its institutions, their host country, the humanitarian agencies that serve them, and other refugee communities, both inside and outside of Palestine. It was largely a volunteer project, run by the communities themselves, and was facilitated by a small team who co-ordinated the activities in order to carry forward the voices of the Palestinian refugees to the relevant bodies, and bring their urgent needs to the attention of the international community.

Unique in scope and construction, the report faithfully records the contributions of Palestinians living in refugee camps and in exile communities all over the world. Structured around the principal themes that emerged during the public and syndicate debates and meetings, the report addresses an enormous range of urgent concerns, needs and priorities of the Palestinian communities in exile. Some of the key issues raised were: the Need to Re-activate and Revive the PLO; Channels of Communication with the Host Country; Status and Conditions in Host Countries; Accessibility, Transparency, Inclusivity, and Accountability in UNRWA and UN Agencies; Connecting Palestinian Refugee and Exile Communities; Mechanisms of Mobilization and Representation at local, regional and international levels; the Right of Return and the Next Generation.

In keeping with the grassroots and collective spirit of the project, the report will be launched throughout the world during an international week of popular and official events, to be held between November 19 and 29th, 2006. During this week, as part of the popular mobilization for the launch of the report, Palestinian organizations, leaders and activists will bring the report to the attention of their communities as well as local political and civic bodies through the distribution of copies of the report, and through organizing conferences, community meetings, workshops and presentations. Such activities will be taking place in the following countries: Australia, Canada, U.S.A., Chile, UK, France, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Egypt, Yemen, and Palestine. An offical launch of the week of events will be held in Beirut on the 19th of November, and a set of popular and official events in Palestine will be held in the West Bank and Gaza between the 23rd and 29th of November.

For further information in the different locations, please contact:

-Rawan Abdul-Nabi, Australia, Tel. +61-405-154-577, Email.

- Jorge Daccarett, Chile, Tel. +56(2)446-8426/23/28, Email.

- Hazem Jamjoum, Canada, Tel. +1-905-616-8014, Email.

- Rafiq Jaber, Chicago, USA, Tel. +1-708-307-2937, Email.

- Hassan Nawash, Detroit, USA, Tel. +1-313-945-9660, Email.

- Randa Jamal, New York, USA, Tel. +1-646-641-1948, Email.

- Salma Shawa, Greece, Tel. +306976008177, Email.

- Dr. Ibrahim Al-Baz, Netherlands, Tel. +31624693454, Email.

- Rajab Chamlakh, UK, Tel. +447957157909, Email.

- Mahmoud Elawad, Denmark, Tel. +4525153504, Email.

- Jamal Lababidi, Spain, Tel. +34607211216, Email.

- Mohamad Zaher, Germany, Tel. +493039035516, Email.

- Shaker Jayyab, Norway, Tel. +4797656574, Email.

- Muhammad Agha, Italy, Tel. +393392336655, Email.

- Dr Ayed Ahmed, Sweden, Tel. +46706469017, Email.

- Fareed Al Bargothy, Yemen, Tel. +967733617914, Email.

- Dr. Mohamad Said, Egypt, Tel. + 20103361245, Email.

- Taysir Nasrallah, Nablus, Palestine, Tel. +97259-705201, Email.

- Wajih Atallah, Ramallah, Palestine, Tel. +97259-255584, Email.

- Hesham Debsi, Beirut, Lebanon, Tel. +9961 3532999, Email.

For more information, a Calendar of Report Launch events, and to download the Report, please visit:


Project Director: Dr. Karma Nabulsi 

International Civitas Week Coordinator: Rabie Masri


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