One Democratic Secular State for all its citizens in Israel and Palestine


Posted May 29, 2010 at 7:31 pm

Twelve Principles

If there is no viable re-partition of Palestine into two states, the best alternative is a political rather than a territorial peace. ONE DEMOCRACY proposes the following principles, which could be supported by both sides. These have been distilled from many such programmes proposed in books, articles, declarations and model constitutions.

1. A secular democratic state that guarantees parity on constitutional matters regardless of numbers.

2. Freedom of movement, no evictions, “transfers” or land swaps, no internal borders, equal right to benefits of citizenship and nationality, land and property, social, health and education services.

3. Freedom from discrimination, and equal esteem in civil, political, social and cultural matters, and on permits, papers and passports.

4. This union will be entered into with full consent and a process of reconciliation, recognising the human value of each future citizen. It is neither a defeat nor a victory for either side but a victory for good sense.

5. A milestone in reconciliation will be acknowledgement of the Nakba and the right of, and orderly provision for, exiles to return with honour and comfort; recognition of the pain and loss suffered by victims of violence on both sides is also essential for reconciliation.

6. The state guarantees religious freedom and does not discriminate against or in favour of any faith.

7. The state will recognise the special ties that both Jews and Palestinians have with their broader communities worldwide, and will welcome especially members of those communities who wish to immigrate to the country and help to build it, or who request asylum from persecution.

8. Institutions of justice, law enforcement and army will integrate at all ranks.

9. The state will maintain free and equal access and protection for holy sites.

10. The state will establish fair, transparent and accountable mechanisms to compensate victims of the conflict.

11. Violence and coercion will not win consent nor aid reconciliation. Common struggle, however, forges bonds, as do common cultural and social projects. People who share political, commercial, professional, educational and cultural interests can start now on liaison that could lead to shared endeavours in a Single State.

12. Meanwhile we demand an immediate end to the siege of Gaza and withdrawal of occupation troops, the release of all prisoners of the conflict including the Refuseniks, and the rescinding of all military orders that govern the subjected Palestinian people.


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