One Democratic Secular State for all its citizens in Israel and Palestine


Emigration: 59% of Israelis want a second passport

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59% of Israelis want a second passport

 Yossi Alpher is bitterly opposed to the One State solution. He once headed a Mossad institution and far from having seen the light since (more…)

Will Israel ever love One Democracy?

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When will Israel come to love One Democracy ?

 Ali Abunimah: “Many Israelis, and their American Jewish supporters, are driven by genuine, visceral fear. … Palestinians need to refocus efforts to build a broad campaign based on universal principles. … They must reach out to Israelis with an inclusive vision (more…)

The Exiles: by the Rivers of Babylon

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By the Rivers of Babylon

The Palestine refugees’ right of return is based on international law and supported by UN Resolution 194, which is reaffirmed every year by the UN General Assembly.

In the hallowed halls of the Two-State negotiators, return of the exiles to what is planned as the permanently rubber-stamped State of Israel has long ago been (more…)

But is it safe?

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Race-hate crime and communal violence

In a recent survey about co-existence, around 40% of Israelis favoured it, with reservations about a range of issues such as educational standards etc. But when asked to put in order what their major concern would be, more than 70% (more…)

Binational? What’s That?

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Binational? What’s That?

 Binational, the most common term for a combination state, is not a very useful word. It suggests two separate monolithic tribes with their own different politics, interests and ways of life, meeting to decide (more…)

Demography: Ugly Obsession or No Problem

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Demography :  Ugly Obsession or No Problem at All

The preservation in Israel of a Jewish majority while at the same time keeping a semblance of democracy is the systemic puzzle that (more…)

Issues of Non-Violence

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Violence or non-violence?

Though Israel presents all its military violence as necessary self-defence, the fact is that the violent occupation has continued apace regardless of whether the prevalent Palestinian tactic has been suicide bombings, rockets, kids throwing stones, or peaceful mass protests, strikes, civil disobedience (more…)

Big Powers or Grassroots Power

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Big Power Politics, Grassroots Movement and the Third Way

Tony Judt:  Israel still comports itself like an adolescent: consumed by a brittle confidence in its own uniqueness; certain that no one “understands” it and everyone is “against” it; full of wounded self-esteem, quick to take offense and quick to give it. Like many adolescents (more…)

One in Five: Israel’s 2nd Class citizens

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One in Five: being 2nd class in a “Jewish Democracy” 

Jewish democracy: no better than a “white democracy”

“Do we want a Jewish Democracy (however imperfect) or do we want to rule over millions of Palestinians?”, asked an Israeli leftist. But a Jewish democracy is precisely why Israel is ruling over millions of disenfranchised Palestinians. A Jewish democracy is not just imperfect. It is a contradiction in terms, just as much as a white democracy (such as South Africa had) is a contradiction in terms.

The attempt to retain a majority defined by race inevitably leads (more…)

The Ten Plagues of Israel’s Repression

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Repression: the Ten New Plagues

Israel’s current internal repression binge has 10 main features. Upping the ante has always been a feature of state Zionism’s armoury, but as it starts to go off the scale (more…)

The settlers who would share power

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An increasing number of settlers are opting to share sovereignty rather than give up their homes

The pressures on Israel of the 43-year occupation are causing some interesting cracks. Perhaps the most unexpected, though not entirely surprising, is a new movement of settlers that totally challenges existing prejudices.

Fed up with being blamed, and fearful of their homes and way of life being sacrificed, (more…)

The Two State dead-end con-trick

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The Two State Dead End Con Trick

“Only through the establishment of a sovereign, independent, viable, and democratic Palestinian state on all of the territories occupied by Israel in 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, can a just peace be achieved. The Initiative calls for the implementation of relevant UN resolutions requiring the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the West Bank and Gaza and safeguarding the internationally-recognized right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.”  Palestinian National Initiative

The Two State solution, to be serious, would create a viable contiguous Palestinian state, comprised of all of the West Bank and Gaza and with East Jerusalem as its capital. This state would have control of its own land, (more…)